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      Liaocheng Ritong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, located in Liaocheng, a beautiful and rich water city in Jiangbei. The company is one of the leading steel pipe manufacturing enterprises in the province. Now it invests 1.22 billion yuan in assets, covers an area of 180 mu, employs 360 people, has the highest authority in China, 4 senior engineers, and more than 30 technicians. People. (Shandong Dayang Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) As the second phase growth line of Ritong Enterprise, there are two domestic advanced hot rolling production lines, which mainly produce seamless steel of various materials (carbon steel 20, 45, and alloy steel) with outer diameter of 38mm-426mm and wall thickness of 4mm-60mm, length of 12m, outer diameter precision of (+0.5%) and wall thickness accuracy of (+5%). Tube. The annual production capacity is 300,000 tons, and the annual income is more than 2 billion yuan. The company has a warehousing base of 20,000 square meters, and keeps about 25,000 tons of stock all the year round. Complete specifications, convenient and fast loading. 【更多】

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    Liaocheng ritong steel pipe co.,ltd.
    Liaocheng Ritong Steel Pipe CO.,LTD

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